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I am somewhat active on Wikipedia and other WMF projects since 2004, preferably writing entire articles in one mega-edit summarising the work of days, if not weeks. Articles linked below are examples of that — of course, most have already been edited by others, who sometimes contributed significantly. Thus, this page is not a claim to fame, but rather a collection of mementoes.

Twents dialect
Twents dialecta dialect of Dutch spoken in the eastern region of the Netherlands
(太鼓持ち)Japanese jester, also known as male geisha
Klára Dán
Klára DánHungarian-American stored program pioneer, ENIAC/MANIAC programmer
Kathleen Hylda Valerie Booth
Kathleen Hylda Valerie BoothBritish-Canadian computing pioneer, designer of the first assembly language
Dahl—Nygaard Prize
Dahl—Nygaard Prizefor accomplished seniors and promising juniors in software research
Robert Bertrand France
Robert Bertrand FranceAmerican-Jamaican computer scientist and language researcher
I. B. Simonenko
I. B. SimonenkoRussian mathematician, discrete maths and integral equations researcher
Lutgardis van Tongeren
Lutgardis van TongerenFlemish Belgian saint and mater praedicatorum
AlkenBelgian municipality with old castles and breweries
Fukuda Keiko
Fukuda KeikoAmerican-Japanese judo martial artist and instructor
Richard C. Holt
Richard C. HoltAmerican-Canadian software engineering and compilation pioneer
Katherine Louise Bouman
Katherine Louise BoumanAmerican imaging scientist and astrophotographer
Marie-Elisabeth Belpaire
Marie-Elisabeth BelpaireBelgian writer, educator and activist
Harriett B. Rigas
Harriett B. RigasCanadian computer scientist, engineer and educator
Nancy M. Amato
Nancy M. AmatoAmerican computer scientist and parallel algorithms researcher
Sarita V. Adve
Sarita V. AdveIndian computer scientist and language memory model designer
Vicki Lynne Hanson
Vicki Lynne HansonAmerican-Scottish computer scientist in accessibility, ACM ex-president
Anne E. Condon
Anne E. CondonIrish-Canadian computer scientist and computational complexity researcher
Nancy Ann Lynch
Nancy Ann LynchAmerican computer scientist and inventor of input-output automata
Éva Tardos
Éva TardosHungarian mathematician and computer scientist, algorithm design researcher
Sara van de Geer
Sara van de GeerDutch statistician and adaptive estimation researcher
Sylvia Ratnasamy
Sylvia RatnasamyBelgian scientist and inventor of distributed hash tables
Wendy Kellogg
Wendy KelloggAmerican psychologist, social computing pioneer in human-computer interaction
Ruzena Bajcsy
Ruzena BajcsySlovak computer scientist and robotics researcher
Ruby B. Lee
Ruby B. LeeAmerican computer scientist and ex-chief architect of Hewlett-Packard
Rina Dechter
Rina DechterIsraeli computer scientist and constraint reasoning researcher
Debora Estrin
Debora EstrinAmerican computer scientist and embedded networking sensing researcher
Radhia Cousot
Radhia CousotTunisian computer scientist and inventor of abstract interpretation
Anna Karlin
Anna KarlinAmerican computer scientist and researcher of competitive analysis of online algorithms
Anastasia Ailamaki
Anastasia AilamakiGreek computer scientist and database researcher
Adele Goldstine
Adele GoldstineENIAC programmer, language documentation pioneer
Flemish municipalities
Flemish municipalitiesComplete list of all 308 municipalities in the Flemish part of Belgium
Lambda-functionλ-calculus, Dirichlet λ-function, Liouville λ-function, Mangoldt Λ-function, …
Sanada Ten Braves
Sanada Ten Bravessemi-fictional team of ninjas
Frank de Boer
Frank de BoerDutch theoretical computer scientist and formal methods researcher
Hyrax Hill
Hyrax Hillprehistoric site and museum in Kenya
National Gallery of Zimbabwe
National Gallery of Zimbabwegallery of contemporary art in Harare
Paul Vitányi
Paul VitányiDutch theoretical computer scientist and complexity researcher
Kintsugi (金継ぎ)
Kintsugi (金継ぎ)Japanese art of fixing broken pottery with gold
SinevirUkrainian fantasy horror movie
Kazushige Goto (後藤和茂)
Kazushige Goto (後藤和茂)American software engineer and parallel computation optimiser
Canal house
Canal housean article in Russian explaining the Dutch concept of a canal house
Fulkerson Prize
Fulkerson Prizefor achievements in mathematical programming and discrete mathematics
Lex Schrijver
Lex SchrijverDutch mathematician and combinatorial optimiser
Hamid Arabnia
Hamid Arabniaorganiser of WORLDCOMP, the biggest bogus conference series ever
Open Book
Open BookRussian movie about penicillin research pioneers
A. van Wijngaarden
A. van WijngaardenDutch computer scientist and programming language pioneer
Kinjiro (金次郎)
Kinjiro (金次郎)Japanese scientist, philosopher, economist
Gerard Unger
Gerard UngerDutch graphic and font designer
Isaac Florentine
Isaac FlorentineIsraeli-American martial arts movie director
History of Dutch Computing
History of Dutch ComputingARRA, FERTA, ARMAC, X1, X8, …
V. I. Yudovich
V. I. YudovichRussian mathematician, researcher in physics and mechanics
CWIDutch research institute for mathematics and computer science
Estrid of the Obodrites
Estrid of the ObodritesSwedish queen, mother-in-law of Yaroslav the Wise
Formal Methods
Formal Methodsmath-based techniques in computer science and software engineering
Johann Euler
Johann EulerRussian/German scientist, Leonard Euler’s eldest son
M. I. Sukhomlinov
M. I. SukhomlinovRussian philologist and literature historian
CitebaseAn experimental open access indexing and citation project (now defunct)
AlmeloDutch town which I have visited at some point
HengeloDutch town where I used to live twice in very different times
Bukka White
Bukka WhiteAmerican Delta blues songster, guitarist and singer
Tommy McClennan
Tommy McClennanAmerican Delta blues songster, guitarist and singer
RSTUrailway engineering university where generations of my family worked
Solar Mass
Solar Massastronomical unit of mass for expressing weight of stars
AquiliferRoman legion rank of a senior signifer
PodchorążyCossack and Eastern European military rank
Schout-bij-nachtDutch Naval rank of a rear admiral
LeadbellyAmerican blues and pre-blues songster, musician and criminal
HegumenOrthodox monk rank of an abbot
The Tale of Igor’s Campaign
The Tale of Igor’s Campaignepic poem in ancient Russian (Old Slavic)
Reverendreligious rank of a saint monk
Schemaascetic religious vow of Orthodox monks
Dutch Euro Coins
Dutch Euro Coinsall pictures were removed due to a change in Dutch laws
Melting Point
Melting Pointwhen ice melts and liquid freezes
St. Basil the Great
St. Basil the Greatarchbishop, theologian, writer
Seven Maccabees
Seven MaccabeesChristian martyrs: a woman with seven sons
Pascal’s theorem
Pascal’s theoremstatement about hexagon sides meeting on the Pascal line
Asphaltdark semi-solid viscous liquid used in road construction
Mighty Handful
Mighty Handfulfive composers: Balakirev, Mussorgsky, Borodin, Cui, Rimsky-Korsakov
Caratunit of mass or volume used for gemstones and precious metals
Informationrepresentation of knowledge and data
Machine Word
Machine Wordunit of data natural for a particular processor
Type Conversion
Type Conversionmutating a value from one type to another
Data Type
Data Typeset of possible values of a variable
Integerthe simplest data type in software
Type System
Type Systemset of rules that assign language entities with a type
Variablenamed memory fragment
Dynamic Typing
Dynamic Typingconvention of assigning a type during value assignment
Static Typing
Static Typingconvention of assigning a type during variable declaration
ECMAstandardisation body for ICT
Functional Programming
Functional Programmingdata flow oriented paradigm of software construction
Anders Hejlsberg
Anders HejlsbergDanish software engineer and programming language designer
Latin Honours
Latin Honourscum laude, magna cum laude, summa cum laude, etc

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