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Technical Computer Science (Bachelor) and
Computer Science (Master) programmes at the UT UT TCS BSc+MSc

The three-year Technical Computer Science programme is a balanced all-round program that turns fascination of computers into concrete knowledge and technical expertise.

The two-year Computer Science programme is less technical only in the name, and focuses on the development of ICT systems, as well as on their societal context. It offers four specialisations: Software Technology with a bias towards software engineering and modelling; Cyber Security with a bias towards data management and analytics; Data Science and Technology with a bias towards machine learning; and Internet Science and Technology with a bias towards ubiquitous computing.


Publications based on student work (by acceptance date)

Publications / presentations on educational topics (by presentation date)

Supervised students (by defence date)

  1. (TCS BSc) Joël Ledelay. Retrofitting Memoization: An Exploratory Study. November 2020 – January 2021. Co-supervised with Eldir Tomassen.
  2. (TCS BSc) Ewout van der Wal. Rosetta ANTLR: Ultimate Grammar Extractor. November 2020 – January 2021. Best Paper Award at TScIT34. (code)
  3. (TCS BSc) Frank Groeneveld. Benchmarking and Optimisation of Engage!-based XML Parsers. November 2020 – January 2021.
  4. (TCS BSc) Michael Mulder. Creating a Compiler for the Semi-Structured Language of Blazons. November 2020 – January 2021.
  5. (EmSys CS) Pieter Staal, Electronic Circuit Composition in Haskell using Category Theory. September 2020 – June 2021.
  6. (TCS BSc) Aamir Farooq. How to Zen Your Python. April–July 2021. Best Paper Award at TScIT35.
  7. (TCS BSc) Marten Voorberg. Performance Analysis of Membership Data Structures for Integers in Java. April–July 2021.
  8. (TCS BSc) Jan Douwe Beekman. Procedural Location Generation with Weighted Attribute Grammars. April–July 2021. Co-supervised with Marcus Gerhold.
  9. (TCS BSc) Ruiyuan Li. Generative Probabilistic Programming in Games: Creating Character Backgrounds Using a Bayesian Network. April–July 2021. Co-supervised with Marcus Gerhold.
  10. (CS MSc) Rick H. de Vries. Clash of Clangs: Differential Testing of srcML and Clang. October 2020 – July 2021.
  11. (CS MSc) Bui Hong Thien Nhat. Negomancer: Improvise. Adapt. Overcome. Transform. November 2020 – September 2021.
  12. (TCS BSc) Ivo Broekhof. Replication and Analysis of the Berry-Sethi Parser for Ambiguous Regular Expressions. November 2021 – February 2022. (code)
  13. (EE IM) Daan Martin Oosterveld, Creating a C compiler 50 years after C using Rust and procedural macros. November 2021 – February 2022. (code)
  14. (TCS BSc) Yujie Liu, Help Rich Info Get Richer: Enriching a Semi-structured Dataset using a Semantic Web Approach. April–July 2022. Co-supervised with Sophie Lathouwers.
  15. (TCS BSc) Cato de Kruif, Using 𝛿-NFGs to Identify and Eliminate Dead Code in C# Programs. April–July 2022.
  16. (TCS BSc) Gerk-Jan Huisma, Recursive Island Parsing: Monadic Lake Parser Combinators. November 2021 – July 2022.
  17. (TCS BSc) Jelle Hulter, Improving the Integrated Development Environment of a Legacy Software Platform. April–July 2022.
  18. (TCS BSc) Tom Meulenkamp, Parser Benchmarking for Legacy Languages. April–July 2022.
  19. (TCS BSc) Luc Timmerman, Performance Testing Owl, Parser Generator for Visibly Pushdown Grammars. April–July 2022.
  20. (TCS BSc) Mark van Wijk, The Quest for the Best Thread-Safe Java List. April–July 2022.
  21. (TCS BSc) Leonardo Pasquarelli, Extending Java Collections for List and Set Data Structures. January–July 2022.
  22. (TCS BSc) Berke Güdücü, Weighted Abstract Syntax Trees for Program Comprehension in Java. April–July 2022. Co-supervised with Marcus Gerhold.
  23. (TCS BSc) Wouter van den Brink, Weighed and Found Legacy: Modernity Signatures for PHP Systems Using Static Analysis. April–July 2022. Co-supervised with Marcus Gerhold.
  24. (TCS BSc) Aron Davids, Identifying Plot Holes in Narrative Stories by Simulating Events. April–July 2022.


Current students (by start date; dim if not the main supervisor)

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